7 Post Waxing Care Tips Your Therapist Did Not Tell You!

Post Waxing Care Tips

When providing a service, it is crucial to always provide both pre and post care information to clients. As a professional business, you must ensure that your staff possess ample knowledge on hair removal and  must be well-trained to provide such information to your clients. This includes clients who wax on a regular basis. They may be your first-time clients and have waxed elsewhere but was not provided any information from their wax therapist. By providing this additional step, you have displayed a professional waxing service leading to a great waxing experience.

As hair removal is a very profitable business, more waxing salons are opening up. However, most lack the knowledge to pass on to their clients.

The following are activities you should avoid the next 48 hours after your waxing session. Please take note that the tips provided below are not in any particular order.


Avoid taking a hot bath immediately after waxing. This may cause your skin to be irritable and/or may experience some pimples.


As you know, waxing is the removal of hair via its hair roots. Hence, you will be left with open pores. Your skin may react to the UV tanning or spray tan chemicals. So, be sure avoid tanning after your waxing session. Try to schedule your tanning session a few days later.


Going to the gym is a NO-NO. Some people may experience breakout of pimples after a heavy workout. This is due to the sweat entering the open pores. Sweat may contain bacteria. The next tip is almost NEVER spoken of or even discussed as it is a very sensitive topic. SEX. Yes, it is not recommended that you have any sexual activities. The friction that happens may cause your skin to rupture and tear. Sometimes, it may cause pimples and soreness.


If you have just freshly waxed your underarms, avoid any deodorant application.  Deodorant contains chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction. The same goes for lotion application.


This is especially when you wax your legs and arms. Yes, we all now jeggings, leggings and skinny leg jeans are the rage these days. Bear in mind that the nature of the jeans design being very tight and close to the skin may sometime cause the skin to be irritated. In the long run, you may experience in-grown hair problems.


Your skin and pores are now very delicate. Going for a sauna will only cause your skin more harmthan good. You may notice some pimples and bumps if you decide to go for one.


Waxing removes dead skin cells. So much so that your skin has gone through a type of scrubbing although not the traditional way of scrubbing. Hence, it is not recommended to scrub after waxing. It may cause tiny scratches on your skin that may result in bleeding. This is especially if you use a coarse type of scrub.

And that is the run down on the tips that you should know!

If you think you would like to take your waxing business to the next level, contact us today! Investing in continued education for your business will only gain you more clients. Our educator has taught many students and salon owners on how to provide an award-winning waxing service.