3 Reasons You Should Avoid Cheap Brazilian Waxing

Cheap Brazilian Waxing Malaysia

Brazilian waxing is a service that is gaining popularity. Hence, the increase in many new waxing salons in town. The price range varies with every salon. Currently, there has been alot of advertisements of Brazilian waxing services being offered as low as RM29. that sounds like an awesome price doesn’t it?

Now the question is; does the pricing affect the quality of service? Yes, of course!

 Here are 3 reasons why you should stay away from cheap Brazilian waxing:


It is hard to hire waxing therapists in this industry. And because of that, most salons end up hiring fresh graduates from beauty schools and/or someone who has interest but does not have any formal education in waxing or beauty. The cold hard truth is that our country lack the expertise of waxing educators and professional waxing therapists. There are probably more salons than waxing therapists!

Because models for training are hard to come by, these therapists are not given much of a practice before going out into the real world and start waxing customers. So the low price is merely just a guise to attract customers but really you are only being used as a “model” or “guinea pig” for practice. By doing so, the costs of the products used for training is covered.


The cost of good quality waxes with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin are high. Simply because good ingredients are expensive. Most business owners are always concern about the costs, hence the focus on cost-cutting to be able to maximise profits.

Some even go to the extend of making their own waxes  at home. Such methods are not recommended as they are not suitable for proper waxing. There may also be claims that they are made of natural ingredients that are great for skin. Sure, home made waxes does remove the hair but not properly from its roots and may damage the skin. That is why there are times you may experience itchiness, ingrown hair and fast hair re-growth.

Even with manufactured waxes, they are necessarily great professional depilatory waxes. Some are not gentle or specially made for Brazilian waxing that may result in the skin tearing or being very dry.


Your therapist only uses one spatula or two throughout the servie.

If you notice that your therapist dips back into the wax pot, that salon is a “NO-GO”.  Remember to look out for policies that a salon adheres to such as a “NO DOUBLE-DIPPING” policy. It simply means that after each application on the same person, the spatula is throw away.

Just imagine how many spatulas are used during one Brazilian Waxing service. ALOT. Hence, the costs are quite high to do so. A low price point will not be able to cover the costs at all.

It is important to observe such policies as this can very crucial to your health in the long run. You may contract STDs, HIV and/or bacterial and viral infections from such salons if hygiene and sanitization precautions are not taken seriously. Even if a salon uses a metal spatula and re-uses it, it is still not recommended.

The post-waxing hygiene is also very important. Salons MUST always have a sterilizer and a hospital grade disinfectant for all implements to be sanitized properly. As a customer, it is always your right to ask a salon or your therapist how they disinfect their implements. Bacteria and viruses can be transmitted through poorly sanitized implements.

And because these equipment and good quality disinfectants are expensive. Most salons substitute the process by using Dettol (or any other product that contains antiseptic properties) or alcohol. These products are not strong enough to kill viruses or bacteria such as HIV and STDs.

There’s always a reason why waxing salons are able to price their services lower and these are just a few of the reasons .So, please always remember that while we do enjoy cheap pricing, it is not necessarily the best option.