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My #1 priority is to help you be successful by passing on the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired throughout the years.
Founder & Educator of

The Brazilian Wax Co.- Founded by a qualified and certified waxing therapist whom has waxed a large clientele in her many years of experience. We are a mobile service Company that specializes in the art of Brazilian Waxing for women especially pregnant women. Services offered are for pregnant women whom are in their second and third trimester only. Women can now enjoy these services at the comfort of their own homes. Rest assured, we only provide a less painful experience with the usage of the finest quality of waxes. Although our specialty is waxing for pregnant women, our services are open to non-pregnant women.

Other than services, we offer waxing education that helps individuals understand as well as learn the skill that is highly sought after in Malaysia. All techniques are tailored by our founder and educator that is fast, less painful and hair removed properly.

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